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Hey everyone, well since I'm new to the whole site thing, I'm sure you guys wanna know a few things here and there, and now is your chance to ask! So lets have some fun!

Favorite color has ALWAYS been yellow, its such a happy color, makes me smile alllllll the time. I'm a city chick, love all the people and the atmosphere, but could definitley get down and dirty in the field.. I love the beach, I could sit and watch the waves crash for hours, but enjoying the mountains every so often would be nice. My favorite place in the world is Fire Island, in New York. If I could live there I would. I would love to go to Hawii or any carribean, im scared of air planes though.
How old are you?- "18"


Sisters?-Yup, one younger sister and she is my best friend in the world!
Police Record?- "LOL. Noooooooo"

Favorite dwarf?-"Sleeeeepyyy <3 hes soooo cute"

Sports?- I'm honestly not very active LMAO. But I'll watch you play if you want

How many pairs of shoes do you own?-"Shoes? ok sneaker? I collect them, Heals? hahah didnt you hear that i can't walk in them if my life depended on it, about 15 pairs of high heals and sneakers- im picky so like 8"

What is your favorite toy?-"I dont have a specific toy, but I have this cream that you put on your vagina and it contracts the muscles, to make you REALLY tight. I lalal love that!"

How often do you play with yourself?-"A LOTTTTTTT!!!! im addicted!"

Do you prefer toys or your fingers when you touch yourself?-"My hands are my best trade! or the shower head!"

Have you ever masturbated in public?-" I did once oops!"

Spit or swallow?-
"I am a spitter- if you get me horny enough I will swallow!"

What was the last book you read?-
"The Secret- I read soOOO muchI love to read"

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